Home… is where the corgis are!

Welcome to Corgiranch, the small, landed estate of two very spoiled Pembroke Welsh Corgis in Washington. The human staff at corgiranch are Mike, the Butler and Sue, the head Ladies Maid. We also serve as head valet, chauffer, footman, housemaid and kitchen maid to:
The Lady Megwyn, aspiring estate manager
Viscount Dylan, previously thought lost on the Titanic, but now home and welcomed into the clan

Sadly, Lady Madelaine, Master Mic and Lady Moli have already gone to the Rainbow Bridge, but continue to put in appearances in the antics of the abbey… I mean ranch.

Sue is a nurse practitioner, blogger and award winning photographer, in addition to being a corgi wrangler. The corgis can also be found on Facebook (corgiranch) and Twitter (@corgiranch). Sue’s photos can be found on Flickr (S Scott Cain). Mike is just along for the ride.



Mic, the First Earl of Corgiranch
Lady Moli, the Dowager Countess of Corgiranch


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