street names: MegaWatt, NutMeg, Monkey Dog, Baby Bug

Greeting Corgi lovers. Long time, no post. We have big news. We have a new baby!! We welcomed 12week old Megwyn, AKA Baby Bug into our pack on September 21st!

Our friend Nan from whom we got Maddie was just as devastated as we were at her untimely death. So this summer when she had a litter of puppies, she thought of us. She had her eye on one of the girls as being perfect for us because she reminded Nan so much of Maddie that Nan called her Baby Bug. She is so smart and personable. And a true alpha!

The theme of the litter is angels and Nan is letting us choose her AKC registration name, so we have decided on Melangel Watch Over Me. Melangel, in addition to having ‘angel’ in the name, is the Welsh patron saint of animals. We will call her Megwyn in day to day applications but I am with Nan in being reminded of Maddie and so have been calling her Bug.

Mic is being a good older sibling. He tolerates her to a point and when she crosses the line, he tells her to stop. He is still waiting for her manners to improve before he plays with her but he will play along side of her. Moli is not impressed. But to her credit, Moli just growls and walks away. Moli will be a tough nut for Megwyn to crack.

Bug knows ‘sit’ and ‘down’; we are working on ‘stand’, ‘roll over’ and ‘leave it’. We start school on Oct 28th! More stories and pics soon – just wanted to get something out there for all to see!!

IMG_1753-23 IMG_1723-23

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