street names: Li’l Dyl, Big D

26 October 2015

Meet the newest member of the pack, Dylan! AKA Big D or D Boy.  D is a 6y boy who comes to us from our friend Sheila.  Sheila took D in as a rescue about 2.5 years ago via our friend Nan in Boise.   In fact, we helped orchestrate that!  Sheila had moved back to Virginia and right before she left, she lost her corgi mix, Keeper.  Once settled in Virginia, she was ready for a new furry friend.  She had applied to a couple of rescue organizations back there to adopt a Corgi and had just told us about that less than 24 hours after we had heard from our friend Nan that she had a young boy who needed a good home.  Be careful what you wish for…. So we put those 2 in touch and D had the adventure of a lifetime flying from Boise to Virginia.  When she moved back to Spokane, we became his godparents.

Unfortunately, since moving back to Spokane, Sheila has had some very serious health issues.  On a couple of occasions she has asked us to help her find a new home for D as she could not take care of him like she wanted to.  We actually talked her out of it a couple of times but most recently, she has been diagnosed with cancer and is fighting hard but is very frail.  D has spent as much time boarding over the last year as he has at home so we came to the decision that he should come live with us.  Living with us, he can still be part of Sheila’s life and have sleep overs!

He is a very sweet boy who loves to snuggle.  He loves people.  We have not had him around kids but he loved Sheila’s grandkids.  He makes great eye contact and has the best butt wag ever.  He is also very vocal – and loud.  We are working on that.  With 4 corgis, when one decides to talk, they all join in so we are trying to find D’s off button.  He is learning to walk well on leash and will be going to school at Diamonds in the Ruff in November.

Megwyn LOVES him.  She has not really had a playmate in our pack because Mic and Moli are just too old to want to play with a puppy.  D on the other hand loves to play with her.  Now that he is settling in and finding his place in the pack, he is starting to initiate the play sessions.  It is fun to have full on Corgi Combat in the house and yard again.  It is just like Mic and Moli used to play.  As is to be expected, Moli is not happy.  Mic has just enough dementia that he just seems to go with the flow.

When we made the decision to bring D into the fold, I told Mike that it wouldn’t be 4 dogs as much as it would be 2 pairs.  He of course thought I had lost all my marbles but it has turned out to be true.  In many ways, four is easier than three.  So now we think of ourselves as having 2 little packs:  the older 2, the Rat Pack and the younger 2, the Brat Pack.  Two points for being old enough to get the pop culture references.

So welcome our new boy!


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