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Updates for you, Jill!!

I confess I have been using Facebook pretty heavily lately for updates on the ranch. But I was reminded today that some peeps prefer this page!! First update may seem a little sad. Our precious Moli went home to God on February 7, 2017. Here is a little video tribute to my red-headed tri girl who was and always will be my first corgi love.

Tracing our roots….

Our very good friend Chris found some really cool Corgi books that she didn’t need anymore and gave them to us! One was a WHOLE book of Corgis in Australia in 2002. But wait! It also has New Zealand Corgis and we have some family ties to New Zealand. Imagine our excitement when we found the pages of the kennel where our ancestors came from – Stormwey. So just to have a little fun, we thought we’d show everyone how we are related to at least 3 of the Stormwey Corgis in our new book!! We also found out Megwyn can trace her ancestors all the way back to 2002! Follow the lines – green is Mic, blue is Moli and purple is Megwyn! Totally cool stuff. (the female biped is a geek)

First, Mic!

Now Moli

And last but not least, here is Mic and Meg’s connection!

Moli the Bearkins & DM…

Moli Bear’s DM is progressing but relatively slowly. She’s still pretty active. Scoots around the house at an astonishing (alarming?) speed. Still stealing toys from the others and then being a raging bitch about it if they get too close. Still rocking her wheels out on the trail. But she has lost more muscle mass in the back end and often her back legs go off in their own directions. She doesn’t even seem to notice which is why I don’t feel bad when I laugh. So eagle-eyed corgi peeps, that is indeed her right rear foot apparently coming out of her back. Don’t worry – after I laughed & took a pic, I put it back into an anatomically appropriate position. 

#yourejustjealousofmyastonishingflexibility  #DMcantstopme