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Agility 2019 season is underway – first CPE of the year….

First CPE Agility Trial of 2019! Thanks mucho Farpoints Farm! Young dogs, old dogs, experienced dogs, baby agility dogs, all levels of handlers… a great time was had by all. Because it’s all about relationship, fun and friends at Farpoints. Vid may seem a little long but what you see is a dog with 10 weeks of agility experience to a dog with 10 years of experience. With handlers of the same time span – and they don’t always match up. WE JUST FURKING LOVE DOGS!!!

And sorry about any suggested videos at the end – apparently I cannot control that anymore.

Megwyn gets her ASCA Novice Gamblers title

I got my Gamblers!

Hey Party People. Hope everyone is having a good weekend! I know I am. Mom gave me lots of chicken yesterday at the agility trial. She said I did good. I think I ‘did good’ every time I go out there. I run and run and run. Sometimes I let mom run with me, sometimes I just do my own thing. She likes it better when we run together so I threw her a bone yesterday. It must have been a good thing because I got all these fluttery things to bring home. And lots of chicken. It was this big game put on by the Australian Shepherd Club of America and Approved by Dogs. DON’T TELL THEM I’M NOT AN AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD! I had them all fooled so they let me play. And the whole thing was sure approved by me. Sunday anyway. Saturday I just wanted do my own thing and I ‘peed in the ring’ whatever that means. I got a ride back to the tent though after that. It’s grass people! That’s dog for outhouse. A girl’s gotta go when a girl’s gotta go. On Sunday Auntie Chris came and sat in the ring and then I figured this thing out – it’s just like at the farm!! And I ran with mom. I had to sniff a bit though so mom said we were too slow. I’ll show you too slow. I tuned it on after that and that’s when I got all those fluttery things. Two Q’s and a TITLE! In Gamblers. If mom can figure out how to do it, we’ll attached some footage (thanks to Auntie Megan). That’s all for now! Gotta go protect the ranch from squirrels. Rock on, Corgi peeps.


Meg ran almost a whole course! Agility rocks. 

Had a blast at the Spokane Agility Club Fun Match at Farpoints Farm yesterday. Thanks so much everyone but especially Chris &Jim! Music is ‘Sweet Maria’ by Mission Mountain Wood Band -from one of my all-time favorite albums! Oh- and there are 12 weave poles, corgi peeps! 

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And Megwyn brings home the gold!

No “Q’s” today (qualify, qualification, quality…?) but ribbons anyway! I love this gig. So Meg never did a complete course in the time allowed with no errors BUT she still finished a couple and was either fast enough OR the only one to finish and so still got a few ribbons. I dunno, maybe it’s just a ruse to keep the human engaged. BUT WHO CARES???? It works for me – I am hooked. Gold, Silver and Bronze go to MEGWYN!! Thanks tons and tons Vicki, Chris and Barb! We love you. 

#Megtakesthegold #agilityrocks

Meg’s first competition!!!

Hey corgi fans! Megwyn will be competing in her first ever agility trial this coming weekend, September 3, 4 and 5. Since this is our first outing, we are not sure exactly when she will be running but will update her fans as we figure it out! The meet is at 6010 N. Malvern in Otis Orchard. First runs start at 8am and Novices run third if I am reading things right, from tall to small on Sat and Monday and small to tall on Sunday. Even if you can’t come see her in person, send her positive vibes! Corgi on, Peeps. 

Queen of her domain…

Had a great morning yesterday at Farpoints Farm working on agility with Super Meg. She kind of likes chillin’ on the dog walk! 

Pic was taken with app Fyuse – don’t think it will quite translate here but oh well 😋

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