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Finally! Some news and pics

Greetings Corgi fans. Sorry to be remiss in keeping all updated on the Cain Corgi chaos. I had big plans to blog about Megwyn, aka Baby Bug, weekly to document her growth and development. As it turns out, we have been so busy just playing, training and socializing her, I have not had a single minute to write about her. I really don’t have that minute now but that is why God made Pizza Hut, right?

We made the trek to Boise on September 20. Mic and Moli came with. We had always wanted Mic to get to see his brother, Mick, as a grown up but just never quite got around to doing it so figured this was our opportunity. And as Nan and Kim, Mick’s mom, are friends, all kinds of serendipitous things fell into place to make that happen. We arrived a little after 5 at our hotel – great place, Best Western Northwest Lodge – checked in and called Nan and Kim. Nan sent a whole cadre of Corgi lovers to meet us and we all convoyed out to Nan’s place, led by Myron, Melanie and Cowboy. Mic and Mick seemed to be old friends even though they hadn’t seen each other in 11 plus years. Cowboy the corgi was also a gem.

At Nan’s, chaos in the puppy pen reigned. When we arrived, all the pups were in the puppy play yard and boy were they interested in all the big dogs that suddenly showed up. I think all the pics are a bit blurred because I just could not persuade the babies to hold still. Mic was Joe Cool and kept to the edges of the action. Moli just wanted to play with the cats. She couldn’t care less about the pups or other dogs – she wanted to be with the cats. Soon everyone else took off for home and Nan, Mike and I headed out for dinner. We dropped Mic and Moli off at the hotel and Nan took us to her favorite Mexican place. She has great taste in Mexican food. Had a fabulous dinner, a cold cerveza, and great conversation.

Sunday morning, we got up, packed up and headed back to Nan’s to pick up our baby – and another baby coming to live in Coeur d’Alene. When we arrived, the 2 babies destined for a long car ride were in the puppy yard. Baby Bug and Lil Mollie. We left Nan’s about noon and headed for home. Boise to Baker City to Pendleton to Hermiston to the Tri Cities to Spokane. Got into Spokane about 8. We stopped at Mike’s parents unannounced and rang the doorbell, each of us holding a puppy. There was much squealing with delight at the sight of two tiny corgi pups. We then headed to our house where Haley and Jesse were coming to pick up their girl. We had a great but short visit with them and they headed for home. And we were alone with our new pack. Everyone was exhausted and so we just headed to bed.

I took Monday off to be with the new one on her first real day in her new home. We kept it pretty low key and did not allow too much mingling with the big dogs. We kept Meg Bug in the kitchen with the baby gates up so Mic and Moli could interact but safely. I did take her in to the office to show her off. She was a total rag doll – just lay in my arms like a …baby! We then went to Petco and got a few things like a shoulder travel bag that Mike calls her Kardashian bag. She goes lots of places in that bag. She will jump right in and bursts out like a stripper out of a cake.

Gradually she has had more and more free ranging in the house and with the big dogs. For the first few weeks we kept them pretty segregated by baby gates. She seems to really love the older two. She wants to play with Mic so badly. He is still holding back but will play a little tug of war with her. No wrestling yet. And he will put her in her place when she jumps on his head. Moli is still pretty growly but has been remarkably restrained. Now when the 3 of them are outside, Meg will take off running around the yard and the other 2 will run with her even if they won’t actually play with her. She still tries to engage Moli but Moli is having none of it. Even so, Moli is being so much better with her than we expected. Meg Bug does this thing where she puts her ears back, tucks her butt and runs as fast as she can – which is quite fast. One time, watching her, Mike burst out “she looks like a little shoat!” So now when she takes off running like a maniac, we call it ‘shoating’.

She is really good about going potty when we take her outside or going on her pads. She has only had 2 potty accidents.   We are in 2 puppy classes. She is really good at sit, down and stand. She is getting better on leash. She has a boyfriend in the Tuesday class – Sam, the Great Dane. He is 2 weeks younger than her and almost four times her weight. The clip of them playing was just a fraction of the action and he was so delicate with her – it was lovely to watch. We have been taking her as many places as we can to get her socialized and she is very popular. So enough verbiage. Enjoy the pics. These first ones are in Boise at our motel and at Nan’s.

Mic and Mick

The brothers – Mic and Mick

Spokane corgis meet Boise corgis

Mic, Mick and Cowboy. Oh and Kim too.


Victor aka Cowboy


Mic is worried about his sex appeal next to his brother



They are not cute at all


Puppy chaos


Baby Bug in her own personal baking dish

Don't all puppies sleep in bakeware?

Don’t all puppies sleep in bakeware?