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Introducing….. KEOKI!

Megwyn here. Meet Keoki – he’s our cousin from Arizona. He’s going to live here in Spokane now! And right now he lives with us. He’s a lot bigger than me but we hang out and play a little anyway. The head housekeeper says I’m a little snotty sometimes with him but, hey, that’s how I roll. Big D likes him too. Moli doesn’t like anybody. Welcome to corgiranch, Keoki, we love you – even if you are Aussie and not Welsh. 

Tiiiirrred Baby Bug…

Life at corgiranch can be exhausting. Play all day, come home, play Squishy Face with mom, do some training, eat dinner. So what is a girl to do after all that? Walk over to her bwthyn, open the door herself and sit in front of the open crate and stare at mom until mom says “bwthyn”. Then – and only then – can she go into her crate and crash. Funny funny girlie. 

#tiredcorgisaregoodcorgis #weloveourbwthyn