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Mic’s very good Sunday….

When we first knew without question that Mic had dementia and was getting old, we thought we would only have a few months more with him. Thanks to great care by ALL his vets, we have had almost 2 more happy and mostly healthy years than we thought we would. In the last few months his step has gotten a little slower but his smile remained. In this last week, however, his smile has faltered. Not gone entirely, but not as ready as usual. This last week he has started to stumble, has difficulty standing and has been having pain. We upped the pain meds and that has helped. But in the last 24 hours he has started to have some blood in his stool, obvious pain in spite of meds, diminished interest in food and difficulty eating. We have tried more interventions to make him comfortable and they are helping but his smile is not there. So with heaviest hearts we have decided to send him home to God tomorrow. Maybe Maddie will be nicer to him on the other side of the rainbow bridge. I know his brother, Mick, will be watching for him. He has been the sweetest, most gentle boy ever. Mike, Moli and I will be with him to send him on his next big adventure. He never was one to want to be too much on his own – as evidenced by the fact that when he escaped the yard, he only went next door. But with Maddie and Mick to greet him, I think he will be OK. Thank you all for sharing his journey with us. We had a great last adventure together on Sunday… xoxo