Maddie update 12/29/13

Sorry to all the Maddie fans who may have checked in for an update and not found one.  She has been having several good days and so we have been spending every spare moment snuggling or playing.

Really, she has had more good days than bad these last few weeks.  But when she has a bad day, I am such a total wreck that it is just overwhelming.  I know I am a little off my rocker.  What other nutbag in America spends all day hand sewing  a Christmas stocking for their dog with Bobby Goldsboro’s ‘Honey’ as the soundtrack in their head?  Probably shouldn’t admit to that.  Oh well.  Maddie had to share a stocking with Moli last year because I procrastinated getting or making her her own.  I was not going to let potentially her last Christmas come and go without her own stocking (still holding out for that miracle!).

Christmas Eve day was a bad day.  The Bug was very lethargic and withdrawn.  We were very afraid that Christmas Day we might have to face making that unbearable decision.  But come Christmas morning, she was a new dog.  JUMPED out of bed, raced up the stairs and did a normal walk with the big dogs.  She has been VERY demanding of food and attention.  In that order.  Every time I sit down, she is at my feet, spooned into me or in my lap woofing at me to pet her.  So the laundry is not done, the house not cleaned and this blog not updated.  And pretty much the last 3 days have been like that.  I just count every day as a gift.

In addition to the video camera we bought to capture life with Super Bug, we got a doggie cam.  As soon as I figure out how to edit those videos, I will post some shots of life from Maddie’s point of view.  When they are not giving you vertigo, they are pretty entertaining.

Thanks again for all your prayers, thoughts and support.

Maddie helping with sealing the front porch

Maddie helping with sealing the front porch

Maddie & Moli in time out together at daycare

Maddie & Moli in time out together at daycare

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