Maddie update 12 Jan 14

Hello Maddie fans.  We have had a pretty quiet week.  No major changes but a little bit of a decline.  Still lovin the chow and pets!  She is such a little trooper.  She has always done this thing where she jumps straight up and down in her x-pen when we come home and come down to get her.  It used to be that she could jump high enough that her head would clear the top of the pen.  Now she still tries to jump but can’t quite get her back feet off the ground.  It is heartbreaking in both the positive and negative sense of that emotion.  Positive in that she is still so much herself and negative in that it shows a little more being taken away from her.  She still barks with the big dogs but her voice is fading.  I have spent hours this week on the floor of the living room just stroking her back.  And if I stop, she head butts me.  The following pics are from one of those sessions.  Quality is poor because they are just cell phone pics but they are sweet anyway.  She still seems to have no pain.  She is not struggling to breathe but she becomes visibly winded if she walks more than a few yards so we are carrying her everywhere – even if just outside to pee.  Still eating like a champ but has lost about a pound.  She is eating about a pound of chicken a day plus a fair amount of the sweet potato and veggie mix I am making for her in the crock pot.  Moli is being amazing.  In one of the pics you can see Maddie with feet on Moli’s belly.  And Moli never moved – just let Maddie be where she wanted to be.  Mic too with the spooning.  I fear our time is winding down but I am still loving having her with us.  And since she seems to not be suffering, I am holding on.  Thanks for all of your support.

Corgi chaos asleep

Naptime on a Saturday afternoon

Hi Mom

Spooning with MicThis was Mic's ideaWith her pack

I love crossword puzzlesThis one is hardCrosswords are exhausting

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