Mic’s perspective on his fellow Celt’s idea of fun.

Every year for the last eight years we have hosted a little party at our humble abode in honor of St Andrew, the patron saint of Scotland. We could try to argue that we pick St Andrew because his feast day is the same as a birthday in this house but that would be a wee bit of untruth. We really picked Andrew as our feast’s patron saint because of his ties to Scotland, and therefore, our favorite libation – scotch. We used to try to have our celebration on the day of the great saint himself, but that conflicted with Thanksgiving so consistently that we moved our party to October. This year in October we were not sure our bathroom remodel was going to be done, so this year’s party was a last minute, late notice affair two Saturdays ago.

The St Andrew’s day party might seem to be about drinking scotch, but that is a wild misconception. First of all, one does not drink scotch, one sips scotch. There is ritual, there is attention. One of these days, I am going to record Mike giving his lecture on the history of and proper steps for drinking scotch. Sip, breathe, savor, swallow, exhale. Repeat. In short. While centering around the shared love of scotch, it is really about hospitality. It is a chance to share tastes of many different scotches, have some hearty food and tell lies. I mean stories. We usually have a new guest or two as well as those hardy souls who keep coming back with a new find for all to try.

This year, we put Mic in charge of recording the festivities for posterity. Please enjoy a Welshdog’s perspective on his fellow Celts’ idea of fun.

Our soundtrack is Dancin’ is Dancin’ from In Without Knocking by Mission Mountain Wood Band – one of my all time favorite albums. If you can listen to Dancin’ is Dancin’ and not want to grab the first person within arm’s length and waltz, there is something wrong with you. If you can listen to Sweet Maria and not want to close all the windows so you can sing along at the top of your lungs, you need medication.

Special thanks to Rob Quist for permission to use Dancin’ is Dancin’. Enjoy.

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