About a year ago, we began feeding a raw diet at the recommendation and gentle but insistent encouragement of our holistic vet. It really has made a huge difference in Mic and Moli. We couldn’t convince Megwyn, however, that this was TRUE gourmet dog eats. Until Dylan. D Boy got right on the dog foodie wagon and is loving his food and looking like a Calvin Klein model on the raw diet. Once Lil Dyl was happily chomping homemade food, Meg caved fast. Which is great but means more work for the human staff. The mutts get a mix of veggies, fruit, fish oil, digestive enzymes and probiotics (that the kitchen staff mixes and blends to promote max digestion) and turkey (which we get at Prairie Dog Pet Mercantile – thanks Aunt Amy).

This is just a minuscule view of what food prep around here looks like! Found some great stackable bowls that let me make meals 2-3 ahead. Woo hoo!!!!

IMG_3552 IMG_3644 IMG_3778 IMG_3889

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