How recent things started

Many of you already know that Maddie has cancer. I have been – and continue to be – unable to really talk about it. I know I am an over-50-no-kids-dogs-are-my-kids nut but I am what I am. So I am using this avenue to tell her story. I actually reserved this blog address intending to blog about all three dogs’ antics. I am sure I will eventually.

A couple of weeks before Thanksgiving, Maddie had a slight change in voiding. A UA was unremarkable. The week before thanksgiving, she seemed to be drinking and urinating more and I detected a change in her breath. A second UA showed a problem with her urine concentration so we did some blood work. This showed an increased calcium level. The number one cause of that is cancer but there are some other conditions that can do the same thing. So, more blood work. A benign cause was not found. A follow up visit to the vet and very thorough exam was unreavealing so a chest x-ray was done. This showed multiple nodules (more than 10) consistent with metastatic cancer. We elected to go ahead with an ultrasound of her chest and abdomen and the radiologist was able to aspirate some cells from 2 of the nodules in her chest. This was Thursday, December 12.

Friday we got the news. The biopsy confirmed the worst – cancer. No primary source was found in the chest or abdomen. But the type of cells showed a cancer category that is generally very unresponsive to treatment. Our vet is consulting oncologists at WSU but unless they have a near guaranteed miracle up their sleeve, we won’t put her through that.

Friday was a good day, though. We bought a video camera to try to capture some of The Bug’s dynamic personality and she did not disappoint on Friday!! She was her normal perky, bossy, demanding to be petted self. That day was a gift that I will be grateful for forever.

Saturday we woke up and she was very lethargic and her right eye would not open all the way. I called a friend and got her started on prednisone – which is one of the options for keeping her comfortable that we had discussed with her vet. By today (Sunday) she is more energetic and interactive but still sleeping a lot. She does not act at all like she is having any pain. And her appetite is as big as ever. We are letting her essentially free feed and she is getting good stuff. We sat together on the front steps so she could soak up some sun as today was a gorgeous day.

And now she is at my feet asleep. Enjoy the pics. Pray for a miracle.



Maddie shortly after coming to her new home.


Mad Bug after the St Andrew’s day party 2012

Maddie in front yard 2013-21

Love the little tongue


Herding the big dogs!


Mom is gonna pay for these stupid hat pictures

Maddie in front yard 2013-8

Just pretty


Super Bug the snow dog

Maddie in front yard 2013-4

Participating in one of the neighborhood meetings


Hangin’ with the REALLY big dogs


Not enough Christmases


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