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Lil’ Dyl gets a bath…

D Boy and I ran some errands together last week – just the two of us. A little bonding time. It was good for 2 reasons – one, because we bonded! And two, because D was getting a little ripe and it made me notice that he needed a bath. Now he does NOT think #2 was a good thing but since I had the car keys, I called the shots. Went to our fav bath house – Yuppy Puppy and D got the same spa treatment that Moli got a couple of weeks ago. Unlike Moli, I was never able to coax a smile out of him while we were there…

D pre bath

Pre bath – worried about what’s coming…

D the drowned rat

Drowned rat, D

D shake it off

Shake it off, baby

D boy almost dry

Almost dry! Can we go home now?

D - c'mon mom

C’mon, mom. This sucks.

D post bath

I’m never getting out of here. *sigh*


He smells so good now. Totally worth it.

Hey! Yuppy Puppy has new bath tubs!

Moli had a spa day on Saturday! I’m not sure how much of a luxury she thought it was…. but she needed it – badly! Went to one of our most favorite hang outs in town – Yuppy Puppy – where we always go for our baths. And they have new, HUGE bath stations. Which is great beyond belief when you have a very long corgi with rear end stability issues. It is always easy and a pleasure to bathe the ranch at YP but with the bigger platform, it was even easier. And because she had more room under her, Moli was really relaxed. You may not be able to tell by some of her expressions…. but she was. And she really enjoyed the post bath shopping spree. Shout out Yuppy Puppy – we love you!

Pre-bath happiness

Look, Ma, bigger tubs

Unhappy wet Moli

Uh, this is not what I call a spa day. Where is the goose poop to roll in?


Cookies after? You promise?


Cookies soon, right?


Can I pick out my own treats?


Can I just stay here tonight? There’s cookies and a kitty and toys……