Lil’ Dyl gets a bath…

D Boy and I ran some errands together last week – just the two of us. A little bonding time. It was good for 2 reasons – one, because we bonded! And two, because D was getting a little ripe and it made me notice that he needed a bath. Now he does NOT think #2 was a good thing but since I had the car keys, I called the shots. Went to our fav bath house – Yuppy Puppy and D got the same spa treatment that Moli got a couple of weeks ago. Unlike Moli, I was never able to coax a smile out of him while we were there…

D pre bath

Pre bath – worried about what’s coming…

D the drowned rat

Drowned rat, D

D shake it off

Shake it off, baby

D boy almost dry

Almost dry! Can we go home now?

D - c'mon mom

C’mon, mom. This sucks.

D post bath

I’m never getting out of here. *sigh*


He smells so good now. Totally worth it.

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