Maddie update 24 Jan 14

Well, the Bug was a little better this morning.  Her breathing is still more labored than it has been but I increased her pain medication and gave her a dose of anti-inflammatory and she seem comfortable.  She was perky enough just a bit ago to bark at me for more chicken.  I do feel the ticking of the clock, though.

My brother came to visit over the summer and one day of his visit, it just poured!  From his nice warm dry spot on the couch he captured me trying to get the mutts to ‘do their business’ in spite of the rain.  He was just rolling with laughter when Maddie very clearly said “screw this!” and broke for the neighbor’s porch where she KNEW it was not raining.  She’s no dummy.  Enjoy his pictorial essay!

Mikie loves the Bug

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