Maddie update 4 Feb 2014

Just a quickie tonight.  Maddie is hanging in there.  And not by a thread but with some panache.  She has actually wanted to walk a bit with the big dogs this week.  She does not go far but she did walk all the way to the corner this afternoon without getting too winded.  She has lost a little weight but not too bad all things considered.  She is still eating like a champ and barking for pets.  She is going through about a pound of chicken a day plus the sweet potato/russet potato/peas/carrots concoction I make for her in the crock pot.  We are coming up on 8 weeks since the official diagnosis – which is about twice as much time as our vet anticipated.  So every day is a bonus.  No new pics this post – just want to keep everyone up to date.  More pics soon!  Gotta go cuddle.

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